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Guerlain Allegoria Ready Stock for Flash sale, Bayblue offers the most competitive prices.

Why we choose Bayblue Supply Chain?

At #Bayblue Groupe, #Professionalism is at our core and we are so proud & engage in our mission to top-notch fast-moving consumer goods supply chain provider.

  • Global Supply Chain

  • With partners to mutual trust, keep promises and together.

  • Storage Warehousing Logistics System

  • Professional Business Teams

  • We can collaborate onSkin care, Cosmetics, and Fragrance. Hair Care, Body Care, Beauty Tools, Beauty Apparatus, Medical Cosmetology

“Hot Guerlain Allegoria In-Stock Product Info”

For 190 years, Guerlain would accompany the evolution of feminity, foresee revolutions in fashion and beauty standards and anticipate profound changes in women's lives and aspirations. Renowned or anonymous, all of these women are the House's eternal muses, whose beauty, personality and freedom have inspired each of Guerlain's fragrance and cosmetic creations.

Guerlain available in stock

The Aqua Allegoria fragrance collection celebrates the wonders of the world. It is now completed with Aqua Allegoria Forte, the new intense collection. Each creation pays tribute to nature’s beauty and sweeps us up in a discovery of exceptional raw ingredients and notes, beautifully enhanced by our perfumer-explorers. Make your fragrance unique and enjoy a complementary engraving.

  • 3346470144057 Aqua Allegoria Rosa Rossa EDT 125mI Vapo Rechargeable

  • 3346470143982 Aqua Allegoria Orange Soleia EDT 75ml

  • 3346470143999 Aqua Allegoria Orange Soleia EDT 125ml

  • 3346470144125 Aqua Allegoria Nerolia Bianca EDT 75ml

  • 3346470144132 Aqua Allegoria Nerolia Vetiver EDT 125ml

  • 3346470143906 Vapo RechargeableAqua Allegoria Granada Salvia 75mI EDT

We would like to invite you to join us as our partner!

Bayblue (Hong Kong) Trading Company mainly offer skincare, cosmetics, perfumes ofluxury and designer brands around the world. #Bayblue offers the most competitive prices ✈️Worldwide orders are welcome.

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